JPT(Japanese Proficiency Test)


About the actions on COVID-19

22th, July, 2020

Here is our measures against the COVID-19 infection.
・You must wear a mask to take JPT.
・Please take good care of yourself with washing your hands and doing gargles.

About our measures against COVID-19

The day of the exam
〜Before you come to the test centre〜
The health check

check_boxYou've got cold.
check_boxYou've got fever over 37.5 degree.
check_boxA cough, a sore throat, or runny nose.
check_boxLost sense of taste or smell.
check_boxYou have been with people who has been diagnosed as COVID-19.
check_boxYou have met people who was diagnosed as COVID-19.
check_boxYou have been on a overseas trip in the past week.

〜After you come to the test centre〜
In case of cancelation

We will notify you about the cancelation of the exam on our website due to COVID-19.
In this situation, we will refund you the fee. The method of refunding will be mentioned on our website.

About the changes in taking the exam

During this difficult situations, we can't guarantee the test centre will be operational because of COVID-19.
Please understand previously that paper test might be used instead of Computer Based Testing whlie it depends on the test centre.
In this situation, we will notify you prior about the preperation for the test on our wibsite so please check it there or through our App.

July, 2020
The JPT Japan Executive Committee

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